Power Factor's 1 Ton Hooks by Pete Sisco: One Ton Hooks let you lift more weight.

  Fact: 1 Ton Lifting Hooks & One Ton Lifting Hooks are a necessity not a luxury!
They are not just a gadget or an accessory…if you're doing dead lifts, shrugs or lat pull downs without 1 Ton Hooks you are absolutely, positively cheating yourself out of huge gains in your shoulder and upper and lower back development!!
And it can be proven!

Testing 1 Ton Hooks in the Gym
Before we dicscuss how one ton lifting hooks were tested, let me explain why everyone needs them. The strength of your grip is determined by the muscles in your hands. But your hand muscles are not nearly as strong as the muscles in your lower and upper back or in your traps and shoulders. So when you do an exercise like a barbell shrug, deadlift or a lat pulldown, you have to stop the exercise because of grip fatigue rather than total exhaustion of the target muscle. You might not think this is true…but you're about to see proof. 1-Ton Lifting Hooks distribute some of the load off of your fingers, onto your wrists and hands so you can hold on to
  1 ton lifting hooks & one ton hooks
heavier weights fingers, onto your wrists and hands so you can hold on to heavier weights for a longer time. (That means more weight AND more reps per set when you use 1 ton lifting hooks.)

Let me ask you a question.
How many six inch spikes could you drive into a pine board in one minute?
OK, got that number in your head?
Now...how many spikes could you drive in one minute if you couldn't use a hammer?

Big difference, isn't it?

So is a hammer a gimmick?

A hammer is a necessary carpenter's tool. One ton hooks are a necessary weightlifter's tool. The average weight lifter can lift 98% more weight per set using one ton lifting hooks. That's a huge advantage! It means much higher intensity and much more muscle growth stimulation. We lift weights to stimulate muscle growth. You get more stimulation using the one ton hooks. It's that simple, 1 Ton Lifting Hooks work!

You wouldn't dream of driving spikes without a hammer, so stop trying to lift heavy weights without one ton lifting hooks.

One Ton Hooks - Quality That's Guaranteed for Life!

The 1-Ton-Hooks come with a 90-day "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like them for any reason, just send them back to the manufacturer and get a full money back refund.

Also, if the 1 Ton Lifting Hooks ever break, bend, wear out or otherwise show signs of defect, the manufacturer will replace all 1 ton lifting hooks free of charge for life!

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Try these 1 ton hooks today, one you do try a pair of one ton lifting hooks you will never workout the same again. With 1 ton lifting hooks you can lift more then you ever imagined. Once you use one ton hooks your strength will improve dramatically. 1 ton hooks are the best!

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1 Ton Hooks. Why you need One Ton Lifting Hooks and how they will help you.