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What One Ton Lifting Hooks Users Say:

"You can't function without them."
If you're gonna do PFT (like me) or SCT you HAVE to have these, otherwise, you're killing your workout. [I recommend 1 Ton Hooks] everyday of the week to any lifter that uses PFT or SCT. You can't function in these workouts without them. There is no way to push yourself through the plateau if you don't have them.
Brandon S.

What SixPack Strap Users Say:

"I used the SixPackStrap on my Explosive Fitness XF-2000 Upper Body machine and the results were amazing! I got the highest abdominal readouts I've ever achieved on the EF digital display...on the very first try! So did the other members of my family. And the strap fit all of us from my 10-year-old all the way up to my 54" chest. This product is a real winner!"
Pete Sisco - PrecisionTraining.com

Pricing and Ordering Information
One Pair of 1 Ton Hooks for only $56.90 + S&H !!!
Two Pairs (one for your training partner) for $101.90 + S&H (20% saving on second pair!)
All prices in US dollars.
Before you order:
  • Orders carry a 90-day money back guarantee (excluding shipping)
  • They carry a lifetime replacement guarantee for defects (excluding shipping)
  • Orders shipped to US and Canada take 6 to 10 business days to arrive.
  • Orders shipped Internationally take 8 to 20 business days to arrive.
  • All orders are shipped First Class Mail directly from KD Industries in Ontario , Canada

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Try 1 ton lifting hooks today, with one ton hooks you'll lift more weight immediatly. Finally you can buy one ton lifting hooks that come with a lifetime replacment guarantee as well as a 1 ton hooks 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! Try 1 Ton Lifting Hooks & one ton hooks Today!

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