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Pete Sisco & his CNS Workout
The Hardest Workout You'll Ever Do…Yet It's a Blast! Introducing the Central Nervous System Workout (CNS workout) from Pete Sisco. The CNS Workout is guaranteed to be unlike any other workout you've ever tried or read about.

What is the purpose of lifting weights? We all know that lifting heavy weights will cause our muscles to get bigger and stronger. But how does it happen?

Every adaptation in the body is controlled by the Central Nervous System (CNS). In short, you can't get bigger muscles or a deeper suntan or calluses on your hands unless the CNS has been stimulated in a way that tells it you absolutely need that particular adaptation.

The CNS is the 'master switch' that controls muscle growth. It measures stimulation and responds in proportion to the simulation. When it receives a signal that your muscles are taxed beyond their current capacity the CNS responds by placing your body in an anabolic condition that creates new muscle growth.

So why isn't there workout optimized to send the maximum growth signal to the CNS workout?

This Workout is a Blast!

Why? Because it's unlike any workout you've done before. You force your body to lift the most weight it can without focusing on one bodypart at a time. So the endorphin release is fantastic. About an hour after you perform this workout you'll get a feeling…a rush… of well-being and vitality that is just amazing.

The CNS Workout 27-page e-Booklet can be downloaded and read immediately and it includes Pete Sisco's CNS Audio Seminar, both for or only $21!

This workout program is a true bargain. Pete Sisco guarantees you won't find a nutritional supplement that could stimulate this much muscle growth. The concise e-Booklet is packed with info:
  • An explanation of the CNS Workout theory and objectives
  • A full explanation of the SuperRep®
  • Photos showing exactly how these common exercises are performed using the SuperRep method and conventional equipment found in any gym
  • Exact order that exercises must be performed
  • Frequency of training
  • How to incorporate the CNS Workout into your regular routine
  • Frequency of training

You owe it to yourself to use this new technology to kick your body into its maximum anabolic mode. It costs less than a bottle of supplements and it can be delivering results within minutes of your purchase. Really! Download the CNS Workout and head straight to your gym to try it out!

No worries: You've got my iron-clad 100% money back 8-week guarantee!

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With the CNS workout by Pete Sisco you can combine one ton hooks and the CNS workout to optimize your time in the gym. Try 1 ton lifting hooks and the CNS workout today!

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The CNS Workout. Checkout CNS workout as well as One Ton Hooks today!.