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What 1 Ton Lifting Hooks Users Say:
"Greater gains than ever!"
I love the new hooks that I purchased from your web site. They are much more comfortable than the hooks that I had before. Due to the increased level of comfort I am able to shrug and dead lift significantly more weight and I'm making greater gains than ever. Thank you very much for developing such a great product.
Dr. Bill T

"Comfort that allows you to reach your potential."
My Power Factor went up 692 lbs./min. and my Power Index went up a full seven points!! I love the hooks, they give me complete control over the bar, and allow me to concentrate on lifting the weight. No more struggling to hold on to the bar, losing my grip when I could have pumped out more reps!! They are comfortable, affordable, well made, and let me lift to my potential...All I can say is Thanks Pete Sisco!!!
Doug E.

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1 ton lifting hooks
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1 ton hooks
one ton lifting hooks

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