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Check out all of these sites we link to haveing to do with One Ton Hooks, SixPack Straps, The Jack Hammer, Padded NewGrips, and a lot more of bodybuilding info. by Pete Sisco!
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"As a trainer, honestly, that pull was an amazing feeling! I will definitely use this with my clients and recommend it! The price is a great deal!"
Brett Douglas - Personal Trainer at Premier Fitness, Hallendale, Florida.
"Greater gains than ever!"
I love the new 1 ton hooks that I purchased from your web site. They are much more comfortable than the hooks that I had before. Due to the increased level of comfort I am able to shrug and dead lift significantly more weight and I'm making greater gains than ever. Thank you very much for developing such a great product.
Dr. Bill T

1 ton lifting hooks
one ton lifting hooks
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1 ton hooks
one ton hooks

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