My Strength Coach by Pete Sisco enables you to use tools like one ton hooks & 1 ton hooks to improve your strength.

Pete Sisco & My Strength Coach Optimizes and Calculates Every Weight, Rep, Set and Recovery Period... Specifically for YOUR Body.

Pete Sisco developed to automate and optimize something Pete Sisco has been doing for ten years. Pete Sisco is the co-author of Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training. Pete Sisco innovated the Power Factor and Power Index measurements of workout intensity, and while developing, Pete Sisco also innovated the new Relative Static Intensity Index to quantify the intensity of static contraction workouts.

Pete Sisco uses these calculations to analyze every exercise in a workout to determine how much intensity each muscle group generated. The resulting numbers can be used to determine and engineer the optimum workout and training frequency for each individual. So every workout is customized and optimized to deliver the right amount of intensity for each muscle group and workouts are spaced so that under training and overtraining are both avoided! The only problem is all that computation and engineering took up a lot of time and brainpower.

Until now! incorporates all of the principles, mathematical algorithms, and precise record keeping automatically and instantly. All you need to do is perform the assigned workout and enter your results at the website! Seconds later your complete results are calculated, graphed and logged and your next workout is engineered along with exactly when you should perform it. You simply print out your next workout and take it to the gym.

In his experience Pete Sisco learned that most people simply do not know how to engineer and optimize their workouts for maximum results. And there are so many harmful myths out there that seriously limit your progress! Want to see the average results of people who used for just 30 days? Take a look at these results! These represent the average strength increase per muscle group in hundreds of users in their first 30 days of membership:

The Missing Link

Most people spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on exercise equipment, gym memberships, driving to and from the gym on and on but the one thing virtually everyone lacks is a precisely engineered plan of exactly what to do once they start exercising! Without an exact plan it's impossible to reach your personal goals. gives you the detailed plan you need to steadily and consistently move toward your ultimate goal of transforming your body and enjoying the benefits of a healthy, better looking physique.

Don't be frustrated by trial and err training methods! For a fraction of the cost of one session with a personal trainer you can have a customized workout plan engineered to squeeze the most out of every workout and to adapt along with you as you progress at your unique pace! What could be more perfect?

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The My Strength Coach website by Pete Sisco! Using one ton hooks as well as My Strength Coach by Pete Sisco you can dramatically improve your physique. Try 1 ton hooks and My Strength Coach TODAY!

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