NewGrips & One Ton Lifting Hooks are promoted by Pete Sisco, 1 Ton Lifting Hooks work!

NewGrips - More reps without sore hands, calluses or wrist ache...
or your money back!
  • NewGrips have cushioned palms and fingers.
  • No hand or finger restriction with NewGrips.
  • NewGrips help prevent calluses.
  • NewGrips increase the number of reps and weight.
  • With NewGrips you have an adjustable, custom fit.
  • No hot hands, Easy on and off with NewGrips.
  • Like one ton lifting hooks, increased grip strength.
  • No chafing with NewGrips.
  • Neoprene that is tougher than leather.
  • Will not bunch-up, get brittle or stink like gloves.
  • Long life. Men average 10-18 months/set.
    Woman average 2-3 years/set of NewGrips.
  newgrips & one ton lifting hooks

"NewGrips are amazingly effective at relieving pressure on your hands and wrists. The giant added benefit is they allow you to lift more weight or complete more reps. Most people just don't realize they stop lifting because of grip fatigue instead of true muscle exhaustion. NewGrips alleviate grip fatigue - if you use them you'll lift more weight. Period."
Pete Sisco

1 Ton Lifting Hooks and NewGrips will drastically improve your workout!
  newgrips by pete sisco

new grip & 1 ton lifting hooks   NewGrips last longer than leather gloves!
  • Leather shrinks when subjected to body sweat. NewGrips neoprene does not absorb moisture and will never shrink.

NewGrips are more Sanitary:
  • NewGrips shield your palms and fingers from coming in contact with germs, staph or sweat left behind by the last person using a piece of equipment. Wear Grips even on elipticals and bike handles.

NewGrips Quality:
  • We use high dense neoprene; not wet suit material.
  • Wrist Support Straps are 100% tightly woven cotton. They breathe and do not itch like poly or nylon.
  • If any part of your NewGrips breaks or tears within the first 90 days it will be replaced. Not covered are damages due to improper use.

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With NewGrips and one ton lifting hooks you can now lift more weight for more reps. Pete Sisco talks about both 1 ton lifting hooks and newgrips constantly. Trip NewGrips and 1 ton lifting hooks today! One ton lifting hooks & NewGrips come with a Money Back Guarantee!

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