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These 1 ton hooks are designed to lift 2000 pounds, 1 ton lifting hooks come with a life time guarantee against breaking, bending wearing out, or otherwise showing signs of defects, the manufacturer will replace all one ton hooks free of charge for life!

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How do one ton hooks work?
One ton lifting hooks distribute some of the load off of your fingers and onto your wrists and hands so you can hold on to heavier weights for a longer time.

You may ask, do you have any proof of this?
Understand, the way to really test something like one ton hooks is to measure how much you can lift with them and compare that to how much you can lift without 1 ton lifting hooks. But there is a serious limitation with this! If you do your first set to absolute failure with the hooks…and completely exhaust a specific muscle group…and then remove the hooks and try to do a second set without them it's very obvious you'll be substantially weaker on your second set and the true value of the one ton lifting hooks will be greatly exaggerated.

What to do?
Well…what if the one ton hooks were tested the opposite way? What if the test subjects lifted to absolute failure without the 1 ton hooks…then slapped the one ton hooks on to see what they could do when their muscles were now pre-exhausted? Wow! That's one tough test! So that's what Pete Sisco did.

You really have to appreciate how hard these guys tried on their first set without the one ton lifting hooks. They knew their effort was being measured by Pete Sisco…and there were other guys standing next to them waiting for their turn at the test…so each guy really gave it everything as we all stood over him and coaxed him on and counted his reps out loud in a crowded gym! Talk about peer pressure! Pete Sisco really thinks these guys set personal records without the 1 ton lifting hooks just because of the audience and the encouragement. Wouldn't you? They squeezed out every rep they could until total failure.

Then…after that all out performance on their first set…the subjects put on the 1-Ton Hooks and did a second set.

What happened?

one ton hooks
1 ton hooks & 1 ton lifting hooks
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one ton lifting hooks

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