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  One Ton Hooks continued...

What happened with the One Ton Lifting Hooks continued...

All the weight lifters lifted more weight and completed more reps using 1 ton lifting hooks!! A lot more. They actually averaged a 98% increase in the total weight lifted on their second set using one ton lifting hooks!! Remember, that's after they pre-exhausted themselves going to full failure using no 1 ton lifting hooks on the first set!

Here's a graph to show the total tonnage increase in weight lifted by the test subjects:
1st Set w/o 1 Ton Hooks
2nd Set Using One Ton Lifting Hooks
chart of 1 ton hooks & one ton lifting hooks diagram
That's not the only key measurement. The average increase in muscular output was 62%! If you know anything about strength building, you know that intensity of muscular output is the single most important factor in developing more muscle mass and strength. Period. 1 ton lifting hooks are the tool for success!

One Ton Lifting Hooks Test Summary:
  • The 1-Ton Hooks allowed users to lift 98% more total weight per set
  • The 1 Ton Lifting Hooks allowed users to increase exercise intensity 62% (total weight lifted per unit of time)
So if you are training without 1 ton lifting hooks you're leaving a 62% increase in muscle building stimulation on the table…every workout!!

Let me ask you a question.

How many six inch spikes could you drive into a pine board in one minute? OK, got that number in your head? many spikes could you drive in one minute if you couldn't use a hammer?

Big difference, isn't it?

So is a hammer a gimmick?

A hammer is a necessary carpenter's tool. One ton hooks are a necessary weightlifter's tool. The average guy can lift 98% more weight per set with the one ton lifting hooks. That is a huge advantage! It means much higher intensity and much more muscle growth stimulation. We lift weights to stimulate muscle growth. You get more stimulation using one ton hooks. It's that simple.

You wouldn't dream of driving spikes without a hammer, so stop trying to lift heavy weights without one ton hooks.


You can only hoist really heavy iron when the one ton hooks are comfortable. If the one ton lifting hooks bind up or dig into you they defeat the whole purpose. So... one ton hooks are super comfortable. Pete Sisco performed a 730-pound lift and completely let go of the bar letting only the one ton lifting hooks, not my grip, support the dangling bar. No discomfort at all! (Note: Pete Sisco is not suggesting you try that dangerous test…He did it at his own risk under safe conditions. You should not do it at all.) Pete Sisco's point is these 1 Ton Hooks allow you to hoist weight to the limits of your genetic potential without discomfort.

No other lifting hooks are as comfortable as 1 ton lifting hooks. Look at the cheap foam padding in most popular lifting hooks:
one ton hooks competition foam
Compare the above image to the thick Neoprene padding of the 1-Ton Hooks:
1 ton lifting hooks foam pad

And that's not the only quality issue. Take a look at this photo I took of a pair of popular hooks that were sent back to me several years ago. When trainees start hoisting the big iron, this is what can happen to the buckle of common lifting hooks:

on ton lifting hooks broken buckle
Compare the above image to the 12-Gauge solid steel one piece buckle on the 1-Ton Hooks:
one ton lifting hooks buckle
And the 1-Ton Hooks have full adjustability, not just in the wrist but also in the distance from your wrist to the palm of your hand. No other hooks offer this important, power maximizing feature!

Quality That's Guaranteed for Life!

The 1-Ton Hooks come with a 90-day "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like them for any reason, just send them back to the manufacturer and get a full money back refund. (Less shipping)

Also, if the 1-Ton Hooks ever break, bend, wear out or otherwise show signs of defect, the manufacturer will replace them free of charge for life! (Excluding shipping)

1 ton hooks / one ton hooks
1 ton lifting hooks
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