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The Six Pack Strap - Fantastic abdominal and low back workout!
Everyone wants better abs! Men or women, it's equal right across the board. Everybody agrees that sculpted, 'six pack' ab muscles look great. But the amount of time people waste on useless ab exercises is criminal.
The SixPack Strap changes that.

The secret to developing your abs to their maximum potential secret at all. Abdominal muscle respond to the same training stimulus as every other muscle in the body: high intensity of output, combined with progressive overload.

The Six Pack Strap was engineered from the beginning to deliver those two critical elements. And something extra that is offered by no other abdominal product we know of.

The SixPack Strap went through many designs and prototypes before it was perfected. Early versions of the SixPack Strap were more like a harness that required multiple adjustments to fit properly. But when the innovation of the "paratrooper handles" was added it allowed the SixPack Strap to achieve maximum results in every abdominal exercise.

sixpack strap for abdominals   six pack strap for abs & 1 ton hooks
Left image: SixPack Strap, ready for use in 5 seconds! Notice the handles attached to the SixPack Strap? These are the most critical element in generating maximum overload and target muscle isolation.

Right image: The SixPack Strap is made from very strong, durable ballistic nylon with thick neoprene padding. It comes with a heavy steel chain and a carabiner to quickly connect to a high or low pulley. The SixPack Strap comes with a lifetime guarantee against defects.

Before I explain why the Six Pack Strap is such a breakthrough, I need to very briefly talk about some of the other abdominal exercise machines and devices you might have seen.

You've likely seen the twin straps that hang from a chin-up bar. You hook your upper arms in them, hang in the air, then lift your knees to your chest. Fine. But what if you are a beginner and can't handle that much weight? And even if you can handle your full body weight, how to you add extra weight on subsequent workouts to insure that critical element of progressive overload? You can't!

The same is true for the plethora of "crunch machines" sold on TV. They offer no way to add resistance as your abs get stronger. Or they offer puny rubber bands that provide a maximum of 10 or 20 pounds...then it's a dead end again. Without progressive overload you can't develop your abs to their full potential. That is a biological fact.

And here is perhaps the worst part: none of those gizmos provides any way to work the lower back! And your low back muscles are the critical antagonistic muscles to the abdominals. You need to train them both equally or you'll develop an imbalance of strength that can lead to back aches, injuries and other problems.

Only the the SixPack Strap allows you do develop your abs in concert with your low back it also works your abdominal oblique muscles, which are notoriously difficult to train because there is almost no equipment available for that specific purpose except for machines costing thousands! And if that's not enough, the Six Pack Strap also allows you to perform three additional exercises for other muscle groups.

Get the 'six pack' abs you the shortest time possible. Order a Six Pack Strap now!
  • SixPack Strap carry a 90-day money back guarantee
  • SixPack Strap carry a lifetime replacement guarantee for defects

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sixpack strap with the one ton lifting hooks
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Six Pack Strap. The sixpack strap has an amazing effect on your abs!