Try 1 ton hooks, the Jack Hammer and Six Pack Strap as well as NewGrips & one ton hooks for lifting.

One Ton Hooks & other Weight Lifting Tools
One Ton Hooks
One Ton Hooks - Lift more weight per set!
  • These one ton hooks ARE a necessity!
  • 1-Ton Hooks come with a 90-day "no questions asked" satisfaction guarantee.
  • If the One Ton Hooks ever break, bend, wear out or otherwise show signs of defect, the manufacturer will replace them free of charge for life!
  • The 1 Ton Hooks allowed users to lift 98% more total weight per set.
  1 ton hooks & one on hooks
jack hammer for forearms w/ newgrips

Six Pack Strap
Get 'six pack' the shortest time possible with a Six Pack Strap.
  • Six Pack Strap delivers a high intensity of muscular overload.
  • Six Pack Strap carries a 90-day money back guarantee!
  • Six Pack Strap carries a lifetime replacement guarantee for defects.
  • Using the Six Pack Strap is a way to keep intensity progressive from workout to workout!
  six pack strap abdominal exercise
sixpackstrap abs

The Jack Hammer
Get ready to develop bone-crushing grip strength with The Jack Hammer!
  • With the Jack Hammer, stop suffering sub maximal performance because of your weak grip strength!
  • The Jack Hammer carries a 90-day money back guarantee!
  • The Jack Hammer carries a lifetime replacement guarantee for defects.
  • The Jack Hammer accepts standard Olympic plates.
  • Load the Jack Hammer with more than 500 pounds.
  the jack hammer wrist strengthening tool
the jack hammer fore arm strength

Lift, push and pull heavier weights with NewGrips!
  • Stronger grip, Heavier loads with NewGrips
  • More comfort, No more ugly calluses using NewGrips.
  • NewGrips come with a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back
  • Padded NewGrips are only $24.99 per pair, and can INCLUDE free shipping.
  newgrips weightlifting

power factor
one ton hook
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Use 1 ton hooks to lift more weight. With the jack hammer you'll increase wrist strength. Try the six pack strap and develop your abdominal's. Padded NewGrips protect your hands letting you lift more weight. Remember, one ton hooks & 1 ton hooks come with a Money Back Guarantee!

1 ton hooks
pete sisco power factor

1 Ton Hooks & The Jack Hammer: Learn more about these body building tools.